1. Tim Aagesen (DEN)
2. Adam Holm (SWE)
3. Joachim Larsson (SWE)


1. Kajsa Larsson (SWE)
2. Fanny Baumann (SWE)
3. Andrea Holm (SWE)

The 2011 Kona Worlds took place in Nivå, Denmark. Organized by Nivå Bådelaug, August 2-7, 2011.

This year’s Kona Worlds featured 61 competitors from 10 countries and 3 continents, and everyone enjoyed the famous Danish hospitality and yachting know-how. The elegant club is just something that has to be experienced, and the organization headed by Steen Buck Hansen (race organizer) and Jan Madsen (race officer) was flawless.

In all kind of conditions, the living legend and former PWA racer Tim Aagesen (DEN) outclassed his competitors with 7 bullets, two 2nd places and an 8th – by far the most impressive scoreline in the history of Kona World championships. Tim was guaranteed to be the champion already after 11 races, so he dropped out of the last race to give others a chance. Last year’s vice world champ, young Adam Holm (SWE), did shine again to secure his second silver medal in style. Adam has been a regular on the podium since his bronze medal in 2009. Joachim Larsson (SWE) finished 5 points adrift to collect his first overall medal, but with a poor result in race #4 and an OCS in race #5, it was not without a fight.

Not surprisingly the Swedes went home with the most medals including the Team Trophy for the second consecutive year, followed by the Danes on their home waters. Bernd Szyperrek (GER) sailed a flawless event (5th over all) to take the heavyweight crown ahead of Michael Anker (DEN) and Vincent Gaonach (FRA). Young Dion van Laarhoven (NED) won the Cadet gold medal followed by Geronimo Nores (USA) and Natasha Schalofsky Bate (DEN). And Allan Koch (DEN) surprised himself in winning the prestigious (over 50) veteran cup.

Kajsa Larsson (SWE) made history, being the first Kona sailor to regain a world title, finishing 7th overall, this time closely followed by Fanny Baumann (SWE) in 8th overall. Kajsa won her first world title in 2008 at the age of 16, after a last race photo finish with Manuela Buch (GER).

Another fantastic Kona Worlds! With three weight groups finishing in the top five and competitors from 9 to 57 years of age, the Kona Class proved once again far it’s a class for everyone.

Tim Aagesen: “I’m not a young guy anymore, but I have some experience! Racing on a Kona is good fun and a great feeling!”

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