Official Class

The Kona One Class is devoted to the development of affordable one-design racing in windsurfing, with an innovative format that emphasizes tactics rather than equipment and physical strength. Sail sizes are adapted to competitors’ weights and pumping is prohibited. As a result, men and women of all ages and body weights can sail together and be competitive on the same course. And with the Kone One’s superb performance in all conditions, exciting and fair racing can take place in 4 to 28 kts in all sea states. What does that mean for sponsors and organizers? Large fleets, guaranteed spectacle and less time waiting on shore!

The Kona One Class has been officially recognized as an international sailing class by World Sailing since 2009.


Mission Statement

The Kona One Class is governed by the Kona Windsurfing Association (KWA).

Its objectives are to foster the growth and enjoyment of windsurfing, encourage fair one-design racing, and develop and promote the class around the world. The KWA sets the rules of Kona competition, manages the affairs of the class and coordinates key development with national and international authorities.



Competition Rules

These documents set out to define the rules of competition at official Kona events. Any event that wishes to be considered as an official Kona event needs to abide by these rules and include a reference to these documents in its Notice of Race.

Those rules and instructions are in place to ensure that all Kona events are run in the same spirit and provide competitors with a fun, easy-to-understand and level playing field.

National Associations

The growth of the Kona Class comes from the vitality of local Kona associations, and we’re fortunate to have a strong presence and powerful advocates in many countries around the world – and we’re pushing hard to add more countries to that list!

In each country, the national Kona association is in charge of growing the class, developing local grassroots initiatives, and implementing programs that the worldwide Kona Windsurfing Association might want to promote form time to time. It’s a two-way system where everyone is motivated by the same thing: encouraging more people to go out, try a Kona and make the most of their time on the water.

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