What is it?

When you’re windsurfing on a Kona, you’re part of a special community!

A community full of stories, laughs and shared experiences. We designed this website to bring that community together: to help you plan ahead, play harder and make lifelong connections.

But we also designed it to bring you awesome benefits! You can enjoy this site as a guest, of course, and we hope you’ll dive in (start with our online Kona Magazine!). But if you sign in as a full member, a whole world of wonders will open up to you. Yes, we’re going to ask you to pitch in some money, but you won’t believe the perks you’re going to get in return!

“If you’re a racer and one-design is in your blood, you know what you’re getting into with a Kona: a straightforward fun-machine and an instant community of thousands of like-minded watersports enthusiasts! But even if racing isn’t on your radar, this board planes fast, jibes tight and cruises effortlessly in the light breeze. Super versatile, and perfect to explore the coastline while everyone else is sinking in the lulls or going back ashore to switch rigs!”

Jerome Samson – President, US Windsurfing

How does the club work?

We developed an awesome membership program for you!

It’s pretty simple: you can sign up as an individual or as a club. You’ll have access to events, rankings, and we’ll ship tokens of our appreciation to you every quarter. Yup, a gift box! You’ve seen that before with cheese-of-the-month and shaving clubs, but this time, it’s stuff that will actually enhance your windsurfing life! But hang on to your hats, because here are the big items: at the individual level, you’ll receive a new Kona sail this year. For real! And at the club level, you’ll gain access to a complete fleet of six Kona boards and rigs at an amazing discount and shipped directly to your club!

Whaaaaat? Yeah, we thought you’d like it. Check out all our membership packs:

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