Simply the only One when it comes to fair tactical racing at all skill levels

The instant success of the Kona One – the first and most unique of the new longboard generation speaks for itself. Since it was introduced the Kona One has gone from a concept to the recognized direction in windsurfing world. Due to its unique versatility and user friendliness, it has also grown to be a serious One Design racing class in record time.

Raised nose

The raised nose gives a heavier sailor benefit from a longer water line, thus compensating and equalizing their speed in relation to lighter sailors – employing a shorter waterline.

Stepped tail

In planing conditions, the step tail “kicks in” transferring the Kona to a playful and responsive shortboard, but yet stable and comfortable in chops thanks to the “step tail stabilizer”.

Wider board for greater stability

The wide board of the Kona One offers stability second to no other. This is key to the concept as it allows surfing in less windy conditions as well as in more extreme weather.

The best board for learning

It stands out like the ultimate school board with its stability, soft deck and responsive rig steering. The tailor made rig sizes are adding to safety and comfort and the “StepONE” school sails provide performance in the lightest of winds. Full dacron construction with a durable PVC window, ensures maximum durability to withstand the inevitable use and abuse.

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