1. Juliano Scalabrin (FRA)
2. Adam Holm (SWE)
3. Carl Sjoberg (SWE)


1. Dominique Vallée (CAN)
2. Helène Andreatta (FRA)
3. Kajsa Larsson (SWE)

The 2010 Kona Worlds took place  right off the beach in Miami Beach. Organized by Miami Yacht Club, Nov 1-7, 2010.

It was a spectacular event with 83 competitors from 3 continents, battling it out in conditions from 7 to 28 knots, although with predominant heavy and rough conditions caused by a nearby storm center. The class again proved its versatility, with four different weight groups finishing among the top five, and with the growing attendance of girls (30%) giving the men a run for their money. First woman Dominique Vallée even finished 3rd overall – turning heads with her mind-blowing skills in the heavy breeze.

Our sincere thanks go to the Miami Yacht Club and Florencia Barletta for the great hospitality and astonishing amount of work put into these championships. To sail and compete directly on the majestic South Miami Beach was something none of us will forget. Establishing a camp on this vast public beach was a bold but luminous idea, creating a great atmosphere and making us feel very privileged.

A huge contribution to these worlds was the dedicated and ingenious work of world class sailor Patrik Pollak from Slovakia, documenting the daily action and spirit of the event in an extremely professional manner. Great pictures, great memories!

Denis Winstanley: “I won race #3! I simply could not believe it. Everything went my way and I was on the right side of the last radical shift. Great feeling!”

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