Kona offers 2017 a full range of inflatable and hard paddle boards or all kinds of paddlers and conditions. We have taken our successful
models one step further listening to our community and improved the boards in every detail as well as adding new models into the program.
We are a proud Swedish company deeply rooted in Swedish design tradition and quality. We take a long term perspective on everything
we do. No matter if you are a beginner, an ambitious recreational paddler, a wave rider, a yoga practitioner, into racing or enjoy fishing
you will find a model that suits your needs.

The inflatable technology continues to evolve. We only work with the best manufacturers. For the 2017 models we offer stiffer and lighter
boards thanks to the cutting edge technology that is used. We also offer hard boards of top
quality for anything from serious wave riding to wind-SUP and flat water paddling.
Our windsurfing roots have convinced us that also paddle boarders like to windsurf. We therefore include windsurfing attachment to
most of our boards.

Enjoy the time on the water.


Desgned in Sweden produced in Asia

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