Developing the success further

Ten years after the Kona One-concept was introduced it has been developed into a full range of boards and rigs serving every need from beginners and cruisers to demanding racers.

When concept was introduced it was unique thanks to its simplicity and versatility. One board and one sail has ever since attracted young talents as well as seasoned windsurfers, creating a global community built on fair racing paired with a great friendship. Every season new sailors and countries are attracted and join the community.

Kona today is a brand built on the firm belief that more people can be attracted into the community by offering specific products targeting each market segment. The Kona Hula is a direct response to this. The board, with its unique design, is a complete novelty setting a new standard among school boards.

Along with the new board the Kona Spark, a new school sail line, is offered introducing the concept of balanced power. We are confident that this will help many new sailors, from a very young age, into the Kona concept and over time make them ready to take the step into racing and the Kona One, which remains the jewel in the crown.

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