The complete guide to setting up your Kona

Setting up your board and learning to manage it in the right way is an important part of becoming a better windsurfer. Here we’ll show you how to do it step-by-step in a series of videos.

The characteristics of a Kona One board

Carrying the board

The easiest way to carry the board is to hold it by the centerboard handle.

Lubricating the centerboard gasket

It is important to lubricate the gasket with marine-grade silicon.

Inserting the centerboard

Use the centerboard’s cassette plates to ensure a snug fit.

Adjusting the centerboard

By adjusting the centerboard you can fine-tune how well the board tracks in a straight line.

Positioning the mast foot

Correct placement of the mast foot is important for ensuring a well balanced board and rig.

Installing the fin

If the fin is not fitted properly sailing will feel turbulent.

Adjusting the footstraps

The principle is that straps are positioned further forward and closer to the middle for beginners and for more advanced windsurfers the towards the back and closer to the edge.

Tightening the ventscrew

Keep the screw tightened when in the water but in very hot weather be sure to loosen a little to equalize the pressure.

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Taking care of your board

  • Keep it protected from the sun when not in use and wash it regularly
  • Take care not to damage the centerboard and fin
  • After a number of years you now have the possibility of changing the deck for a new one
  • The deck can be purchased at your local retailer or from our webshop
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