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At last, summer is here. The best time of the year. I trust you are enjoying summer just as much as we do. This is the time when Kona boards are at their best and offer unsurpassed experiences for family and friends. That’s the way it should be – together. No matter if we are windsurfing or paddleboarding. The love for water unite us all.

As much as we are enjoying summer, the Kona team is currently focusing on an intense development period. Since my last CEO-letter we have put a great deal of energy into the presentation of our wide windsurfing and paddleboarding product range.

On the windsurfing side we have introduced several of new products, targeting different market segments. We now cover clubs, schools, rental stores and individuals not wanting to race but still looking for very good products with two different concepts. First is the Step One board, identical in shape to our crown jewel Kona One. Thanks to less expensive material used it can be offered at a very competitive price together with the Summer rig.

Complementing is the revolutionary Kona Hula. Our aim, when developing this, was to create the school board of the future. Based on the response we have received we are confident to say that we have succeeded. Together with the Spark rig built on the concept of balanced power, we can offer a perfect package for beginners and schools. It reduces the time for a beginner to fully enjoy windsurfing to just a few days.

The Kona One concept is continuously refined. The latest contribution, the 7.8 sail approved by the Kona Association earlier this year, is a direct response to the demand from the Kona racing community. We believe this sail will strengthen the class and make each race even more competitive where skills should be at the core, nothing else.

Kona’s paddleboard history dates back to 2006 when Kona One was first used for this purpose. These experiences have guided us since. Last year we entered the inflatable paddleboard market with our first products. They immediately had a strong recognition for high quality. Entering this growing market was a natural step to take. It attracts new groups to the water, and strengthen the relations with existing clients.

2015 we offer eleven different models, inflatables and hard boards, each taking a strong market position in its respective market segment. We only work with the best manufacturers to ensure that we can offer top quality at every moment. Our absolute ambition is also that the experience of the Kona brand always should be consistent. Developing the community also within paddleboarding is therefore a priority.

Our ambition is further that every purchase of a Kona product should be a long term investment. Thanks to its outstanding second hand value Kona One is leading the way as a very safe buy for the user. But this should also be true to the rest of our windsurfing and paddleboard products.

In 2011 My Kona was introduced. It is a technical platform for the Kona One-class to simplify arranging events and holding the community together. More and more are discovering the advantages of the system. But, it also requires the active participation of everyone by directing information this way for the system to reach its full potential and give support to partners and event organizers.

Another important development project has been the Kona web store. It is now in place with wide functionality. It supports our partners and opens up many opportunities to reach many more, not limited by physical distance. Thanks to the web store, products and spare parts can be conveniently ordered.

Communication has always been at the core of Kona Windsurfing. Our instructional videos are all a reflection of this. Thanks to them we can always be at a short distance from the user. We are constantly developing more videos within different areas, from rig tuning to maintenance of paddleboards. And, we are always open to year feedback about what else we can do.

In the Kona team we have gathered the best, from designers to shapers. Everything we do stems from our passion and mission – to build world class lifestyle products. As the founder of the company I never lean back. I am eager to move forward our positions to the next level together with our team and partners. And, I see you as a key player. No matter if you are already a partner or thinking of becoming one, you are a part of the future Kona team.

Since a few years back we have carefully written Get On Board! Now I turn directly to you to say: Welcome On Board!

Wishing you a great summer,

Joachim Larsson

Kona Windsurfing

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