Kona Worlds 2015 in Holland is quickly approaching.

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Kona Worlds 2015 in Holland is quickly approaching. It is now only one month ahead and it is still possible to register and book a charter board. Don’t hesitate. Come and take part in what is likely to be the biggest Kona One championship ever. Last year in Florida we had 105 racers competing. This is a figure that is very likely to be passed t this Worlds.

The event is organized by reputed Windsurfing Delft Plané on the classical racing waters outside Zeil- & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam between September, 2 – 6. It is a perfect spot for Kona racing with flat water inside a lagoon and still with very steady wind conditions.

Register for the event at My Kona: http://class.konaone.com/Event/347/kona-world-championship-2015

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