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Many of you have probably picked up that Kona Windsurfing recently won the prestigious award “brand of the year” within the windsurfing category at SurfExpo, the biggest and longest-running watersport tradeshow in Orlando, Florida.










The award was presented by AWSI (the Association of Wind & Water Sports Industries) and the result was based on votes given by retailers all over the USA. The other nominees where major global brands.

In terms of industry recognition, the award is a landmark. The US industry representatives have clearly picked up our message about versatility, timeless design, fair racing and vivid community. This makes me very hopeful. We have worked very hard as a company for ten years to establish and develop our offering to the market. The crucial contribution during the first years by Patrice Belboech and Tor Bakke and several more, should be mentioned here.










But, none of this had been possible without the vibrant Kona community. You are many that have given an unselfish and unique contribution to the development of the Kona One Class. For me it is clear. That contribution is a major part of what the retailers have registered as a base for their votes. For this I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you.
I see the future in bright colors and look upon the award we all were given as a stepping stone into the next level of Kona’s development. You have probably seen our efforts in social media and surfing media to spread the word further about our accomplishment. I believe that we have a unique possibility to create buzz the coming year attracting new individual members and clubs in all continents to the community.

We also produced a special logotype that you are welcome to use and spread in your own network. During the coming months we will present more material that we will share with you.
I few weeks from now many of us will meet in Islamorada, Florida for the Worlds. It will be a time for fun racing, great social activities and not at least to celebrate the award that we all have a part in.

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