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Since its introduction in 2006, the Kona concept has gone from a notion to a recognized direction in the windsurfing world – combining easy accessibility with modern design features. It stands out like the ultimate school board with its stability, soft deck and responsive rig steering. The tailor-made rig sizes add to safety and comfort and the “StepONE” school sails provide performance in the lightest of winds.


What our partners say

  • We discovered the Kona concept early on and understood its potential. Recruiting new windsurfers is a common problem today so we went for a Kona school package which immediately attracted a wider audience like dinghy sailors as well – of all ages and skill levels. Our memberships and water activities have increased significantly.

    Björn Holm
    Björn Holm Swedish Sailing Club

Two school packages available

We are offering a “3 pack” or a “5 pack” solution as listed below. Furthermore we are assisting with guidelines following the International Kona school program as well as web promotion. All certified Kona Schools will be listed at www.konaone.com.

Small package

Quantity Item
1 Simulator
2 Hula
2 Step One
1 Summer Rig 5:8
1 Summer Rig 6:6
1 Spark Rig 1.5
2 Spark Rig 2.5
2 Spark Rig 3.5
2 Spark Rig 4.5

Large package

Quantity Item
1 Simulator
3 Kona One
4 Hula
1 ONE design rig 6.6 complete
1 ONE design rig 7.4 complete
1 ONE design rig 8.2 complete
1 Summer Rig 5:8
1 Summer Rig 6:6
1 Summer Rig 7:4
1 Spark 1.5
4 Spark 3.5
4 Spark 4.5

Want to know more?

For more information about Kona or a Kona School please feel free to get in touch via one of the methods listed on our contact page or alternatively you can apply to become a partner.

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