About Kona.

Kona is all about love for water, active lifestyle and a relaxed attitude, no matter if we are windsurfing or paddleboarding. Our history goes back to the golden era of windsurfing when community was at the heart. We have taken the best from those experiences into where we are today and where we are going.

We only aim for top quality with our products. Timeless lifestyle design always guides us simply because we are convinced that good looking boards are more fun to ride or paddle and will be used for longer time. Our business model enables us to offer high quality to very competitive prices.

Kona was founded 2006 in Sweden as windsurfing company, but paddleboarding dates back to the company’s origin. Already then Kona windsurfing boards were used for paddleboarding. Ever since, these initial experiences have guided us in the development of new products, inflatable as well as hard boards. Read more about our paddleboard range.

Today our windsurfing and paddleboard products are sold in all continents. We are proud of this and it encourages us to work even harder to improve our current product range and introduce new products.

Story behind Kona One

Our crown jewel is still Kona One, a windsurfing board that today is one of the major one-design classes globally. It is a unique class since boys and girls, men and women compete together thanks to the handicap system with different sail sizes equalizes differences in body weight. We stand strong as a class and continuously attracts new sailors into our global community. Every year the Kona One World Championship marks the peak of the season. Read more about the story behind Kona One.

The same is true for paddleboarding. People want to paddle and enjoy the time on the water together. That is way we constantly develop new concepts and events, for long distance, yoga or fitness training. We have proven with our ideas that paddle boarding is an all year round sport, also in the northern hemisphere, thanks to our indoor concept.

Our call to you is: Get on board! You will not regret it.

Our mission is simple – more sailors and paddlers on the water having more fun than ever before.

Our team

Joachim Larsson, CEO and founder

Joachim’s international windsurfing record dates back to the early 1980’s when started competing internationally. Since then he has competed in more than 15 world championships and European championships winning several medals. After retiring from windsurfing in early 1990’s he founded an industry company which had a turnover of more than 10 million USD when he made a successful exit some ten years ago. The love for water drew him back into the windsurfing business and he founded Kona Windsurfing in 2006. His main responsibilities today is operations and he is deeply involved in product and concept development together with client relations.

Jan Strindler, Sales manager

Jan Strindler with a history in windsurfing, but has now returned to the sport he loves. January Strindler responsible for the company’s sales development and should be available for our business customers. Jan is a committed guy with lots of energy, as Jan did not work, he lives for the paddleboard and their dogs and expect to get to the summer with them on the board.

Johan Lyreborn, VP Partner Relations

Water-sport enthusiast since 10 years of age with a focus on scuba diving and water skiing. New and addicted to windsurfing and SUP since 2012. Civil engineer in computer science. Co-founder and CEO of Configura, a software company with 100+ employees in three continents. Chairman of Kona Windsurfing. His favorite windsurfing spot is Varamon bay in lake Vättern, Sweden. Johan’s vision is to deliver the Kona lifestyle to families around the world.

Åsa Renström, graphical designer

Åsa joined the Kona Team in 2012. She holds a master’s degree in industrial design. She mainly works with product development and the visual interpretation of the Kona brand. Åsa has a solid professional experience in reflecting and communicating brands through products. Among her previous clients are Volvo, Brandon and others. She is a determined team players and values highly her family and an active lifestyle on water and on land.

Daniel Nordlund, PR & Media Relations

Started windsurfing in 1983 and have competed in several world championships and European championships. Daniel joined Kona in 2009, initially responsible for media relations at the international championships. Over time his responsibilities have grown and today he works with everything from marketing material to social media and brand strategies. Daniel has more than 15 years of experience of strategic communications and PR in an international setting. His favorite spot is the outer archipelago of Lysekil on the Swedish west coast.

Kajsa Larsson, Social media

Kajsa Larsson is the true multisporter in the Kona crew. She grew up with trampoline, windsurfing, surfing and skiing.  At an early age she represented Sweden internationally and won several medal in national championships in trampoline. When she was 11 windsurfing came into her life and she soon proved to have talent. In the 2012 Kona Worlds she won the female class. Just as many other young Kona sailors she had grown a love for surfing and went on a round the world tour to find the best spots. In 2014 she competed in Swedish Big Mountain Championship and came back with the title “Rookie of the Year”. Today here prime focus is studies and the Marketing and Management program and Jönköping University. Parallel to her studies she runs the Kona Boards Instagram account and act as the sounding board to the Kona management team. And, she is also seen at freeride competitions around the world, time permitting..

Robert Van Doorn, logistics manager

Started windsurfing in 1981 and has since never stopped. Robert has competed in several international Kona One championships and is a respected windsurfing profile in Varamon bay, were Kona HQ is situated. Robert joined the Kona Team at an early stage and has since been responsible for developing the logistical operations and the warehouse facilities of the company. Robert has great expertise in fine carpeting and has an important role in the development process of new products. He is also responsible for maintenance and takes great pride in fixing any equipment in the best and fastest possible time.

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